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Sales, Marketing & CRM


Set and manage sales targets across stores and regions. Monitor a wide range of metrics including leads, sales and reviews.


Prepare and post content with our CMS. Allow users to opt-in for newsletters or updates on special offers.


Our pre-sales CRM includes the 7 stages of the sales lifecycle. Post-Sales CRM uses Kanban-C to manage ongoing workflows

Performance Metrics & Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Performance Metrics, BI & Visualisations: Built-in BI lets you monitor performance across multiple metrics, such as: leads, sales, returns, chargebacks, margins, stock levels and reviews. Customise your own metrics - select which ones you wish to monitor and for which products/product groups

Sales Targets & OKRs
  • Regions: Set country, regional or city targets for sales and monitor on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

  • RAG: The well-known Red-Amber-Green (RAG) colour-coding provides for faster monitoring

  • OKRs: Sales Targets can link to our OKR (Objectives and Key Results) module, where targets trickle down across teams and aggregate for at the team/dept/group level

  • OKR Details: Further details on can be found here

Performance Across Regions
  • Regional Performance: Compare how products perform across countries, regions or cities

  • Side-by-Side Comparisons: If a product underperforms in a particular region, this can can prompt additional research. Are there local/cultural factors/language barriers at play? Is the product name offensive in a particular language? This kind of chart helps hone in on specific issues and acts just as much as a risk management tool, as it does as a sales management tool

Sales Across Stores
  • Store Comparison: Compare overall performance across stores

  • Period: Views can be set for weekly, monthly or quarterly. Reports are also available with filters to track historical performance across stores

  • Historical Data: Reports are also available with filters to track historical performance across stores

CMS: Post Content
  • CMS: Our CMS allows non-tech users to select page, enter title and text, upload images and post. Content appears instantly. You can view and edit just as easily

  • CMS Set-Up: Settings allow you to create and edit menus, pages and layout, such as number of cards (items) per row, card style, card dimensions and default colours

CRM: Pre-Sales
  • Overview: Manage the 7 stages of the sales cycle. View stage, timeline, potential deal size, firm size, likelihood of closing and key contacts. Aside from job title, each contact is classified as decision-maker, champion or influencer. Add new notes or follow-up dates and view full message threads


Kanban-C: CRM (Existing Clients)
  • Overview: Kanban Controlled (Kanban-C) is a patent-pending methodology for workflow management with controls. It is simple to use and non-tech users can be proficient within an hour

  • Flexible Across Teams: Kanban-C is flexible across teams. Sales can upsell to existing clients, while marketing can plan social media campaigns, marketing material or client events. Improve client relations efficiency: Plan and track tasks. Support have read access to past client orders and payments, to reduce the number of tickets required

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