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Choose which staff receive and handle new quote/booking inquiries. Set up on-site staff separately and allocate to areas, to allow local staff bookings for each job.

Quotes & Bookings

Use simple forms to create services and pricing, including fixed, hourly and call-out charges. Handle quotes, online bookings or phone inquiries. Schedule jobs with local staff.

Payments, Ratings & Analytics

Automate invoicing and provide online payments (Stripe & Paypal). Clients can provide ratings and feedback that display on your website. Also benefit from lead analytics.

Set Up Local Staff
  • Add, Edit & Delete Staff: Add permanent or contract staff and allocate each person to an area. Add as many areas as required. This helps schedule local staff for each job. When a worker is booked on a job, the worker receives automated notifications and full job details

  • Set Up Client-Facing Staff: In the set-up tab add the people who will handle all new inquiries and schedule each job. These people receive automated noifications of all new leads, as well as message threads

Set Up Services & Pricing
  • Set-Up Offering: Enter your full list of services, such as Electrical Repairs or Electrical Assessment, the more descriptive the better, and either enter hourly rates or fixed, with optional call-out charges

  • Edit & Delete: Click the update icon to adjust any or all data, as needed. A service can also be removed

  • Client-Side: When clients book a job there is full visibility of the service list and pricing. For anything else prospects can request a quote

Client Messaging
  • Quotes: In the quotes tab see the latest message thread from your side (seller) or client. Filter by date displays quotes from the last month, week, 2 days etc.

  • Full Details: Click thread to view full message threads, as well as full quote details

  • Lead Summaries: The "pending" tab shows a summary of all leads, while status shows stage of the sales cycle. The client's preferred booking date and time, whether the job is urgent and client contact details are visible. To monitor response times we show request timestamps

  • Make New Bookings: Once discussions have concluded click the Schedule button to select a local staff member and book the job. If a client lives in North London, selecting Area=North London will only display staff covering that area

Staff Availability
  • Overview: To avoid clashes/double bookings, staff, HR or admin should enter when staff are available. Similarly if a job over-runs, this should be updated. This ensures new bookings only occur when staff are available and saves a significant amount of manual time liaising on schedules

  • Pending: Availability links to the Pending tab. When new orders are being booked, you will only see available hours for each staff member

  • Filters: To view relevant data quickly, filter by staff name

Payments, Ratings & Feedback
  • Overview: Once the job is complete, select Complete and for hourly rates enter time spent. This generates an automated invoice with a link for online payments through Stripe and Paypal. There is also a link for feedback. Clients select a 1-5 star rating and enter comments. You can opt to display all, or selected ratings on your website


  • Conversion Rates: Monitor how many leads turned into bookings over various time periods

  • Lead Source: Across each time period we rank the top-3 sources of leads, to help you decide where to allocate your marketing budget and resources

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