Biometric Identity Screening & KYC

About IDcheck

IDcheck provides Biometric Identity Screening, Document Authentication and a fully automated KYC solution (including Credit and Sanctions Checks, Proof of ID and Address) for 140 Countries.

IDcheck is the Parent Company and is also the only platform to combine Biometric Screening with (Property Management and ERP/Business Process Automation )

We allow companies to automate work flows, scale rapidly, meet regulatory requirements, smooth onboarding, improve the customer experience and generate significant cost savings.

Founder & CEO: Sara Statman

Sara has over 20yrs Buy-Sell Side experience across Tier1 Banks, Hedge Funds, Brokers and Investment Advisors: ex-trader/quant, who moved into Risk, Governance, Controls, Regulatory Compliance and Market Surveillance.

She has expertise in areas ranging from trading products, algos and investment strategies, through to processes, policies, procedures, internal controls, core risk and governance. She brings extensive line and project management experience and experience of regulatory implementation.

Sara is very hands-on. She is responsible for overall Strategy, acts as Key Stakeholder, writes business requirements, Programme Manages, hires and manages teams and reviews code. She also designs and manages all the databases and writes all the database queries.

She funded all development herself and is sole shareholder.

She served as Vice-President of The Hedge Fund Association, holds an MSc Computer Science from Imperial College, an Honours Degree in Economics and speaks Spanish and French.


The majority of our staff are developers, quality assurance and business analysts.

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