Client Relations

A Structured System To Track & Manage Clients

Client Relations
  • Overview: Add each client's products/services, deal value, number of users, term, corporate size and key sales rep. Filter data by Client Name, Product/Service. The system sorts by your most profitable clients

  • Tracking: Summary data and notes allow you to monitor progress, upgrades and contract expiries. There are automated notifications well in advance of contractual end dates

Client Relations Management
  • Comprehensive Messaging: Staff can message clients, the team, add follow-up dates and benefit from full message threads with clients

  • Client Messaging: Clients can send messages on a number of topics, such as Suggestions, Issues or Delivery. When a message is received it will be allocated to the relevant department and handled. The system is suitable for customer service, sales, operations and tech support


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Key Benefits

Benefit Rationale
Improve Client Retention: When you build strong relations with your clients, they are more likely to continue with you. Client acquisition is expensive. Bolster profitabililty by keeping existing clients.
Strengthen Communication: Communication is a significant aspect of Client Relations. Give clients a platform to voice their needs. Use this information to fine-tune and optimise the offering, as a way to enhance Client Relations.
Understand Client Needs Better: Gain a deeper understanding of each client's needs, track and monitor, to nurture the relationship.
Happy Clients Spread The Word: Whether "word by mouth", or online reviews, satisfied clients are more likely to recommend you. The converse also holds: Unhappy clients are likely to recommend avoiding your firm.
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