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Fully Integrated Without 3rd Party Plugins

Quotes & Order Management

Quote Management

Registered users can access automated quotes from their dashboards, with a copy left for vendors to help with follow-up. A single click turns this into an order.

Order Management

Handle order management across all retail stores and e-commerce, with one centralised order, inventory and centralised/branch warehouse management system.

Inventory Management

It facilitates inventory tracking across multiple channels, provides low stock alerts and helps prevent stock mismatches, overselling and low inventory levels.

Client Orders
  • Overview: View full order details: Order number, quantity, client details and manage change requests

  • Filters: View all items or filter by current or complete, client name, order number or date. Monitor order status and receive low stock alerts

  • Inventory & Warehousing: Order Management integrates fully with inventory and centralised/branch warehouse management. The system is ready integrated and does not use any 3rd Party Plugins

Key Benefits

Benefit Rationale
New Buyer behaviour: Customers expect faster turnarounds from sales, distribution and customer service.
E-Commerce: New or existing customers can purchase goods online. An invoice is issued automatically with integrated online payments. You can provide customers with order tracking numbers. Order, Inventory and Warehouse Management are fully integrated with E-Commerce to provide an all-in-one solution, without the need for 3rd Party Plugins
Client Dashboards: Client self-service portals include Quotes, Orders, Invoicing, Order Tracking and Change Requests, as well Messaging with Vendors and Adaptive Support.
Self-Service Clients: Real-time data access 24/7 improves customer satisfaction and drives efficiency, providing clients the data they need without involving sales or support.
Vendor Dashboards: View a mirror image of Client Quotes. If an order is not placed this helps you follow up to close more deals. Also view all orders placed and status.
If you opt for our finance module, the system allows each Client Order to generate an automated ledger entry into Sales Revenues or Accounts Receivable. These would be tailored to your use case.
Stock Replenishing: Inventory Management is linked and updated after each order is placed, with system alerts informing you when stock is running low.
Messaging: Every order includes a notes field but for customised orders each Client can contact you directly through our secure Messaging module.
Back office integration: Seamless integration with Adaptive ERP lets Sales and Marketing staff view quotes, change requests, order delays, inventory levels, messaging, outstanding invoices and so forth to improve the customer experience and avoid pitfalls such as over promising or under delivering
Improve Account Management: Allow view-only access to inventory levels, orders and outstanding invoicing. You decide which users/teams gain access
A powerful and scalable system: Comprehensive functionality that powers your growth coupled with a license that manages your risks: Adaptive allows you to scale back number of users during economic downturns, with 30 days notice

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