Improve Efficiency Through
Digital Transformation


Our portal covers the entire Healthcare space:

  • Hospitals (Acute Care, Community, Federal, Secondary, Tertiary, Teaching)
  • Medical (Doctor, Walk-In Clinic, Dentist, Nurse, Vet)
  • Pharmacy (Ambulatory, Clinical, Community, Hospital)
  • Other (Alternative, Behavioural, Medical Research)

Supply Chain Management

Adaptive provides Digital Tranformation to improve efficiencies throughout the procurement, inventory and sales lifecycle.

Material Resource Planning is handled efficiently. Simply enter your Bill of Materials, and the system calculates any shortfalls based on existing stock levels. Receive instant quotes from approved Suppliers - place purchase orders and track order progress (received, started, on-time or delayed). Requesting changes to an existing order takes 2-3 clicks and appears instantly in the Supplier Dashboard.

Diagnostics, Patient Records & Compliance

We are GDPR and HIPAA-Compliant. Link with medical clinics to receive lab test requests. Conduct tests and results are automatically shared with medical clinics or hospitals.

Admin staff access a more limited patient data set, while lab technicians access all relevant data. The system is permissions-based so each user only accesses the correct part of the system.

The system includes secure file-sharing with 3rd parties.

CRM & Surveys

Access all Medical Clinic contact details of existing and new clients. It allows new clinics to sign up, or you can request API access to connect to multiple external data sources. Entering and updating data is simple and intuitive. View data quickly by filtering on multiple categories. The CRM handles the 7 stages of the sales lifecycle. Full note histories are easily accessible.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Our BI dashboard provides summary data and analytics. These can be customised to match your existing targets.

For existing clinics, monitor satisfaction with 3 kinds of Surveys: Likert, Open-Ended and Multi-Choice.

Secure E-Signing

Handle contracts with suppliers or clinics with our in-built E-Signing. Contracts may be signed by multiple parties. Enter signature and initial markers, select the order for signers and with system-generated e-mails and reminders, the rest of the process is automated.

Whereas other providers e-mail out links, which are at risk of being intercepted by hackers, our solution only permits logged in users to view and access their contract. Everything is handled inside the system for maximum security.

Accounting & Online Payments

Adaptive handles your daily accounting including General Ledgers, with customised Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Trial Balance and Ageing Reports. Forecast business flows with multi-year operating budgets and real-time reporting.

On-Line Payments and Historical Payment Reports
Use our APIs or ask us to connect to your existing payment providers, to enable automated online payments. Both Payer and Recipient access real-time Historical Payment Reports from their Dashboards.

Monitor Payments & Arrears
Gain real-time access to Clinic payment and arrears data, as well as outgoing payments due to Suppliers. Filter by city, hospital, or supplier. At a glance view whether payments were made in full and on time, and view arrears balances.

Alerts flag up issues and new alerts are highlighted in the dashboard. The types of alerts covered can be customised.

Building Maintenance

Book Orders
Book maintenance requests online with in-house teams or pre-approved external suppliers. Optionally send requests to an internal manager first for authorisation.

Internal Maintenance Teams
The Maintenance Manager views all incoming orders and schedules all jobs. When team members are assigned jobs, system time monitors the length of time per job, to facilitate internal and external billing. Time and Billing reports are provided. This also helps monitor idle time.

Feedback and Invoicing
Once jobs are complete a staff member is asked to rate the Maintenance Team's handling of the case and invoices are automatically generated, based on system pricing. In the case of 3rd Party Suppliers this acts as a fraud risk mitigation technique - preventing suppliers changing pre-agreed pricing for labour and parts.

CMMS & Asset Management

Monitor Equipment
We cannot manage what we do not monitor. List out all equipment and parts with serial numbers - your full inventory. State location and show which users checked out which equipment. At a glance filter on make, model or equipment and understand where assets are located.

This module also handles Fixed Asset Depreciation as well as scheduling for preventative maintenance.

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