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Adaptive EDU
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Adaptive provides a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions that remove traditional barriers between administration and learning for Universities, Higher Education Schools and Distance Learning, to transform institutional and learner success.

Our suite of enterprise products power data-driven decisions and operational efficiencies, with real-time encrypted data. They are simple to use, even without training. Multiple filters ensure quick and easy access.


Admission and Enrolment Management

Teaching and Learning

Student Information System

Enterprise Resource Planning

Student, Alumni and Employer Engagement

Student Success and Retention

Content Management System (CMS) & Website

Enhanced Security

Admission and Enrolment Management

Gain insights into applicants with in-depth profiles, quantitative     and qualitative data

Improved recruiter relationships

Smooth applicant experience with real-time progress updates

Multiple Registrars, Administrators and Academic staff may     partake in the decision-making process

Teaching & Learning

Comprehensive LMS with file sharing between Teaching,     Students and Parents/Guardians

Teaching staff upload Lesson Notes (PDF/Powerpoint), Audio or     Video Files and assignments

Latency: Even in developing countries download a 60MB file in     1 minute direct from UK Servers

Students download classes, view due dates and upload     assignments

Grading is automated: Marks per assignment are averaged over     each class with real-time reporting

Student Information System

Parents and guardians have access to their child’s score cards     and assignments

Students and Teachers access their own schedules and     attendance record. Students can upload sick notes. Dept.     Heads view data across the entire dept. while Chancellors/VCs/     Heads of Schools have a global view across all depts. and     campuses

Course evaluations: Use student feedback to strengthen your     offering

Student Well-Being: Student health and allergy information is     stored and made accessible to all relevant staff

Multiple Dashboards with charts and summary data: Students     and Administration

Student, Alumni and Employer Engagement

Employers can post internships, permanent and contract jobs

Employers have the option to create Graded Multi-Choice tests     to assist in their assessments

Monitor numbers of successful placements to drive future     enrolments

The Alumni portal includes an internal social media, to     encourage idea sharing and networking. Users list their bio and     interests. Threads can display the person’s name or may be     posted anonymously to encourage problem sharing. Sharing     knowledge and experiences provides Management with
    real-time insights and may highlight hidden issues

Alumni may also post jobs and make donations

CMS, Intranet & Website

Our Content Management System (CMS) provides simple forms     to create multi-level Web Pages (e.g. Level, Course, Syllabus), as     well as Newsletters and Articles

Select the web page – enter data and content appears instantly     on the correct page of your website

This allows non-tech users to create and edit web pages as     often as required, without relying on3rd parties

We also offer secure Websites. Our CMS and Websites are built     from scratch. We use no 3rd-Party Plug-Ins, to limit the risk of     vulnerabilities

CRM & Surveys

Access all student contact details of current and potential enrollments. It allows new students to sign up or your team can add data. You can also request API access to connect to multiple external data sources. Entering and updating data is simple and intuitive. View data quickly by filtering on multiple categories. The CRM handles the 7 stages of the sales lifecycle. Full note histories are easily accessible.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Our BI dashboard provides summary data and analytics. These can be customised to match your existing targets.

For existing students, monitor satisfaction with 3 kinds of Surveys: Likert, Open-Ended and Multi-Choice.

Accounting, Invoicing & Online Payments

Accounting & Forecasting
Adaptive handles your daily accounting including General Ledgers, with customised Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Trial Balance and Ageing Reports. Forecast business flows with multi-year operating budgets and real-time reporting.

Invoicing, On-Line Payments and Historical Payment Reports
Invoicing is automated. Use our APIs or ask us to connect to your existing payment providers, to enable automated on-line payments. Both Payer and Recipient access real-time Historical Payment Reports from their Dashboards.

Monitor Payments & Arrears
Gain real-time access to student, payroll and supplier payments and arrears data. Filter by student, payroll or supplier. At a glance view whether payments were made in full and on time, and view arrears balances.

Alerts flag up issues and new alerts are highlighted in the dashboard. The types of alerts covered can be customised.

Building Maintenance

Book Orders
Book maintenance requests online with in-house teams or pre-approved external suppliers. Optionally send requests to an internal manager first for authorisation.

Maintenance Teams
The Maintenance Manager views all incoming orders and schedules all jobs. When team members are assigned jobs, system time monitors the length of time per job, to facilitate billing. Time and Billing reports are provided. This also helps monitor idle time.

Feedback and Invoicing
Once jobs are complete a staff member is asked to rate the Maintenance Team's handling of the case and invoices are automatically generated, based on system pricing. In the case of 3rd Party Suppliers this acts as a fraud risk mitigation technique - preventing suppliers changing pre-agreed pricing for labour and parts.

CMMS & Asset Management

Monitor Equipment
We cannot manage what we do not monitor. List out all equipment and parts with serial numbers - your full inventory. State location and show which users checked out which equipment. At a glance filter on make, model or equipment and understand where assets are located.

This module also handles Fixed Asset Depreciation as well as scheduling for preventative maintenance.

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