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Single Source of Truth

A 'Single Source of Truth' refers to all data being stored in a single database. When different offices or teams rely on different software systems, invariably this means data is stored in multiple databases. Without connecting this data, for example, through a data warehouse, it leads to silos with no easy company-wide view. Another signficant risk is data duplication between systems.

AdaptiveEComm provides a Single Source of Truth and real-time data for all of its products and systems.

Benefits Rationale
Single Database All users have access to the same real-time data.
More Accurate Reporting A single location for data storage improves data reporting. This does not mean all data is "clean". Human errors can still occur. But data is likely to be cleaner, with fewer errors when all data is stored in one place, without any duplicates.
Improved Collaboration When databases are in separate systems, it is much harder and more time-consuming to collaborate between teams and depts.
Simplied Processes Processes can be streamlined more easily vs. accessing data from multiple sources, proofing for duplicates and then consolidating into a single report.
Better Knowledge-Sharing A single resource for enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and lessons learned, benefits all groups and departments.

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