Low-Cost Online Payments

OpenBanking, ACH and Card Payments

Low-Cost Online Payments

North America: $0.50/Transaction

We offer ACH payments for a flat fee of just $0.50/transaction (compared to other vendors who charge $1 or percentage of transaction). Single, batch and partial payments are available. For clients preferring to pay by card, card fees can be passed on in full or part to the client.

Europe: £0.30/Transaction

OpenBanking allows businesses to connect directly to European customer bank accounts, thus by-passing standard credit & debit payment processing gateways and fees. This is particularly important in the UK, where legislation prohibits merchants passing on card processing fees to consumers.

Eliminate fraud and related chargeback admin from stolen cards. No invoices arrive through e-mail to avoid phishing and APP (Authorised Push Payment) fraud.

There are no set-up, monthly or chargeback fees. Each transaction pays an all-in flat fee of £0.30.

End-to-end security means fraudsters cannot change the biller’s payment details. Customers do not key in any data, nor share their bank details with us. When customers receive a payment request, they login directly to their own bank, using their own bank’s Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) process, such as Face ID, to grant payment authorisation. The customer’s bank instantly processes an irrevocable and direct payment to the biller’s bank account. The biller is automatically notified of the settlement details and unique reference number for automated reconciliation.

Payment Requests & Reports

Request payments and generate Payment Reminders for overdue invoices. Ageing Reports, in the Accounting section, also allow you to manage longer-term arrears.

View historical client and vendor payments, split by region, city, vendor or client.

Historical Payments

In this instance we have selected to view all payments across a single product for the month of January. At a glance view which clients paid in full and on time and the total outstanding. Filter by city, product, client or time period.

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