Secure Online Payments

Paypal, Stripe, Forte CSG, Visa, Mastercard, Wires, ACH, Direct Debit & Alternative Payments

Automate Payment Flows

In today's digital world it is essential to offer online payments. Adaptive ERP is fully integrated with major payment providers, offering you a fully PCI-Compliant solution. Adaptive ERP connects with major payment processors via APIs and uses secure back-end webhooks to process confirmations.

For clients taking Adaptive Hosting payments are already integrated. For clients preferring to access our APIs, payments are already integrated within our ERP and are readily available. For a simpler self-service option, online payments are also offered through plugin-ins.

UK & Europe (and elswhere): We offer Paypal and Stripe for E-Commerce, as well as direct debit and wire transfers for B2B and B2C Supply Chains.

North America: Through CSG Forte (a subsidiary of Wells Fargo) we offer ACH, Visa and Mastercard.

Onboard Suppliers & Clients

Setting up new clients or suppliers is quick and simple, with our onboarding module, that populates system-held data. Link to the Client's chosen payment medium.

Subscriptions & Refunds

Let clients set up subscriptions for memberships or payment plans. Refunds are also simple to process. Users can view, edit and cancel at any time.


Full reporting is available, ranging from transaction, subscription or refund status, through to granular historical payment reports with filtering.

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