Adaptive HCM

Performance Management, Employee Engagement & HCM

Human Capital Management

Feature Benefit
1. Performance Management: Annual Reviews are widely believed to be too infrequent to be effective. Feedback after each task offers a way for staff to feel appreciated, more connected and happier, leading to improved performance and productivity. This in turn increases retention, reduces turnover and may also lower stress and absenteeism.
2. Employee Engagement: Our private Social Media tool allows staff, contractors and 3rd parties to collaborate and share ideas or brainstorm. Ideas are referenced by topic with hashtags for easy search. Users can post anonymously as well, which is well-suited to air grievances, without fear of reprisal. This also links to our knowledge management offering. To gain feedback on specific topics, we recommend using Surveys.
3. Hiring: ATS & Background Checks : Our CMS lets you create and manage careers pages easily. Post jobs and state minimum experience and skills. Candidates can apply for jobs through the portal. The system handles the heavy lifting by short-listing those candidates matching minimum requirements. Message candidates directly, complete short-lists and schedule interviews.

At the offer stage, Adaptive HCM automates 5 years of reference checks to speed up the onboarding process and offers full background screening: Biometric ID Verification, Proof of Address, Credit and Criminal Checks, as well as Academic and Professional Qualification Verification. Adaptive Surveys (Graded Multi-Choice, Likert and Open-Ended) also double up as Pre-Employment Testing tools to assess technical skills, personality (pyschometric) or character. Interview Cards help compare candidates to create short-lists.
4. Core HCM: Manage employee data and vacations, sick leave, maternity and paternity leaves. All employee data is stored and easily accessible. Staff can complete daily/weekly timesheets, while our Time & Billing module uses system time to measure the length of time an employee is working. This is particularly useful for billing 3rd Party clients.

We also offer a Staff Intranet to post company policies and announcements in an easily accessible format. Adaptive HCM is fully customizable.

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