Adaptive HCM

Performance Management, Employee Engagement & HCM

Human Capital Management

Feature Benefit
1. Performance Management: Annual Reviews are widely believed to be too infrequent to be effective. Feedback after each task offers a way for staff to feel appreciated, more connected and happier, leading to improved performance and productivity. This in turn increases retention, reduces turnover and may also lower stress and absenteeism.
2. Employee Engagement: Our private Social Media tool allows staff, contractors and 3rd parties to collaborate and share ideas or brainstorm. Ideas are referenced by topic with hashtags for easy search. Users can post anonymously as well, which is well-suited to air grievances, without fear of reprisal. This also links to our knowledge management offering. To gain feedback on specific topics, we recommend using Surveys.
3. Hiring: ATS & Background Checks : Our CMS lets you create and manage careers pages easily. Post jobs and state minimum experience and skills. Candidates can apply for jobs through the portal. The system handles the heavy lifting by short-listing those candidates matching minimum requirements. Message candidates directly, complete short-lists and schedule interviews.

At the offer stage, Adaptive HCM automates 5 years of reference checks to speed up the onboarding process and offers full background screening: Biometric ID Verification, Proof of Address, Credit and Criminal Checks, as well as Academic and Professional Qualification Verification. Adaptive Surveys (Graded Multi-Choice, Likert and Open-Ended) also double up as Pre-Employment Testing tools to assess technical skills, personality (pyschometric) or character. Interview Cards help compare candidates to create short-lists.
4. Core HCM: Manage employee data and vacations, sick leave, maternity and paternity leaves. All employee data is stored and easily accessible. Staff can complete daily/weekly timesheets, while our Time & Billing module uses system time to measure the length of time an employee is working. This is particularly useful for billing 3rd Party clients.

We also offer a Staff Intranet to post company policies and announcements in an easily accessible format. Adaptive HCM is fully customizable.

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Effective Planning & Resource Allocation

The availability of the right resources at the right time is one of the cornerstones of successful HR Management. Our comprehensive solution takes into account SME functional/sector knowledge and experience, as well as role/job title and displays the level and experience across each skill.

Streamline recruitment and capacity utilisation, with an all-in one advanced planning and resource allocation solution. This product links organisation-wide, allowing all Managers to place requests for skills and SME hiring requirements.

Strategic Talent Forecasting

Strategic talent forecasting combines the assessment of future workload demands against existing skills and capacity, followed by proactive plans. AdaptiveEComm assists in securing the required expertise, including the addition of new team members.

Functional/Sector Knowledge

Most software focuses only on Skills and Job Titles. This leaves a glaring gap, as it ignores sector/functional experience, such as Accounting, Risk, Payments or knowledge of specific regulation. AdaptiveEComm fills this gap by incorporating level and experience of functional/sector knowledge, as well as skills and job titles. Now you can compare available capacity vs. upcoming demand for skills and functional/sector knowledge.

Skills Approval, Selection & Assessment

Staff and Contractors enter their level and experience across all skills and functional/sector experience. They also upload or update CVs/Resumes and Certificates. HR should validate and approve each new skill, function or updated document. This ensures the Management/Hiring Managers access an accurate and current set of skills and experience.

Management/Hiring Managers/Project Managers have access to an accurate and current set of rates, level and experience for skills and functions/sectors, for internal staff and contractors, which lets you search and filter quickly and easily to short-list the best resources subject to availability (capacity).

Capacity utilisation is also visible. After short-listing the final stage is Assessment: When status is set to hired, futures dates are blocked off. This entire flow enables cross-matrix teams to be assembled with ease.

Skills Approval

Skills Select

Skills Assessment

New Hires: Open Positions
  • List View: View a full list of all open positions

  • Groups: For groups of companies, display by office, company name or group-wide. Create different permissions e.g. HR for a single office might view roles for this office only. It also allows a single team to view all roles for a single function, such as IT, group-wide

  • Filter: Filter by sector (IT/HR/Operations), as well as job type: Permanent or contract. The system allows you to specify flexi-hours and office or remote-based roles

New Hire Assessment
  • Assessment: Click view to see a full list of skills and functional experience. The cv/resume can be downloaded. During the recruitment process update Status to rejected, maybe, good fit, interview or hired. Filter or slice data by job title, job reference, skill, level or experience

  • Encrypted Messaging: Click "contact" for encrypted messaging between employers and candidates. Switching applications and correspondence from email to system-based, reduces the likelihood for phishing attacks

Vacations & Leaves
  • Handle Days Off: Book in vacation days and other leaves (maternity/paternity/sick days). View all booked vacations and leaves. Filter by Region/Dept/Team or user name

  • Edit & Delete: Update dates as required or remove. Usually only Management or HR have permissions to add, update and delete data here meaning permissions for the time off have been granted

Time & Billing
  • Time per Task Logged Automatically: Within Kanban-C users have a start-stop button. Any time they work on a child task hours, minutes and seconds are logged. Stopping for breaks or changing tasks is simple. Click stop then start another task. This works perfectly for on-site and off-site/remote, hybrid and WFH

  • Billable Hours: Parent tasks also have a start-stop button. All time is aggregated to the parent task level to show total billing per parent task, project, as well as billing per client. Filter or slice data per user or project