The Only E-Commerce & ERP Solution
Fully Integrated Without 3rd Party Plugins


Select only the modules required
Standard Pro Enterprise
Fully Integrated E-Commerce & ERP (Monthly Pricing)
(Annual: Get 1 Month Free)
Starting from $99
(Depends on functionality & seats)
Depends on functionality & seats Contact Us
No Plugins Required: Reduce Security Vulnerabilities
Unlimited Menu Pages, Categories, Products, Descriptions, Sizes, Item Colours & Images. Add, view, edit or delete data easily.
(Simple for non-tech users. No developer needed.)
Set FAQs and Return/Shipping Policies Across Stores
Modern, Intuitive UI, Simple to Use with Visualisations

Free Customised Designs
Unlimited Customised Designs (Themes)
Simply Click & Select: Simpler Than Drag'N'Drop

Sales, Marketing & Analytics
CRM: Pre-Sales & Post-Sales
Offers, Multi-Buy Discounts, Client Wish Lists & New Arrivals
Vouchers/Gift Cards
Comprehensive Online Bookings (For Trades/Appointments)
Quotes, Full Message Threads, Bookings, Assign Local Staff With Availability, Invoicing, Online Payments, Reviews & Analytics
Unlimited Reviews
Reports & Business Intelligence (BI)
Vendor Dashboard
Customisable Dashboards & RBAC: Teams, Suppliers & Clients
Private Social Media: Clients Comment, Like & Upvote
Surveys: Multiple-Choice, Open-Ended & Likert

Supply Chain, Warehousing, Inventory & Orders
Inventory, Low Stock Alerts & Client In-Stock Alerts
Warehousing Up to 10 Unlimited
Order Management: Order Details & Status
Quote & Order Management
(One Click Turn Quotes To Orders, Returns & Order Histories)
Supply Chain
(Approve Suppliers, Products & Pricing. Includes POs, Change Requests, Returns, Tracking, Margin Control & Shadow Invoicing)
Up to 100 Suppliers Unlimited Suppliers

Online Payments: Stripe & Paypal
Payment Reports: View Full/Timely Payments & Filters
Accounting: Journal, Ledgers & Trial Balance
Multi-Year Operating Budgets: Plan Expenditure & Revenues
Scenario/What-If Analysis on Material, Labour, Rates & Revenues

Operations & Risk Management
Unlimited Personal To-Do Lists
Roadmaps & 6 Organisational Charts/RACI
Workflow Management: Improve Process Efficiency
via our Patent-Pending Kanban-C
Meetings: Committees & Teams
(Create Agenda Topics/Sub-Topics, Meeting Packs, Add Motions, Register of Interests, Vote, Attendance, Minutes, Reminders)
Standard Document Management: Includes Version Control,
File Sharing, Filters, Tags, Back-Up Tool & Rapid Server-Side Search
Groups Files, Dept. Files, Shared Workflows, Versioning, Tags,
File Sharing, Back-Up Tool, Audit Trails & Archiving
Risk Registers: Includes Risk Dependencies & Visualisations

CMS Intranet: Post Policies & News
Vacations & Leaves
Time & Billing: Monitor Labour & Billable Hours by Task/Client
Resource Allocation & Capacity Planning: (Skills & Functions)
New Hires: Manage Recruitment Cycles
Maintain Skill Registers
Performance Management

Suitability: Enterprise-Grade
Built-In Security: Included Within Each Module
(Not An Afterthought/Wrap-Around)
Strict Content Security Policy (CSP)
(Reduces the Attack Surface & Security Vulnerabilities)
Permissions & Risk-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication
* The PIN is never transmitted or stored
* If a device is lost/stolen, the PIN fails after a few incorrect logins
* Protects against keyloggers (malware) and BOTS
Encrypted Messaging & Ticketing:
Between Teams, Registered Clients & Adaptive Ticketing
Encrypted Messaging & Ticketing:
Between Teams, Suppliers/Registered Clients & Adaptive Ticketing
Single Source of Truth: A Single Database Holds All Data
One Database Per Client & Unique Encryption Key
(Segregates Data, Strengthens Security & Facilitates Customisation)
Single-Tenanted: Separate Server
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