Real-Time Data & Analytics

Reporting, Real-Time Data & Analytics

Access comprehensive, real-time reports. Each report is tailored for your Industry and Use Case. View income and expense data, historical payments, track progress of client and purchase orders, view current inventory levels, property rentals, CRM and BI data reports.

Business Intelligence

This report shows a sample Business Intelligence Dashboard, covering summary data for Tenant Leads. This report is in addition to the home page Dashboard, that summarises key data of your choosing. At a glance see new orders, arrears, maintenance management, compliance alerts, messaging and open requests. Drill down to view outstanding issues by office, city or product.

Ask for a no obligation Consult for Data Visualisation - simply explain your Use Case and we will create tailored reports.


Payment Reports


Sellers are provided with granular payment data. Filter by payments received from clients, or paid to suppliers. There are separate filters to view refunds to clients and from suppliers. You can also filter by overdue, as well as no payments made.

To gain greater insights into a client's credit history, the system shows if each payment was made in full and on time. Select a client or supplier and view all payments related to this single client or supplier.

Clients also see their own payment reports in their dashboards, allowing them to monitor all transactions. This is an invaluable tool for management, finance, support and efficiency as this should reduce many payment-related queries sent to support.

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