E-Signing & Contracts

Secure, Automated Contracts with E-Signing

Why Automate E-Signing?

Our proprietary, secure e-signing tool automates workflows, saving you time and expense. E-Signing is a natural response to hybrid working. Staff working remotely need not attend a physical office to sign a document. It also saves on travel expenses to client offices.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with an eco-friendly solution that reduces unnecessary printing.

Speed up sales cycles, allowing multiple parties to sign the same document electronically. Store digital records for reference and renewal reminders. This is a verifiable and legally acceptable solution. Sign with ease, by populating templates with system-stored data.

For atypical workflows discuss with our Consultants and we will match your business process flow.

Link with our Enterprise Document Management system to store and access signed contracts, or archive older records.

E-Signing & Contracts

Create and store document templates. Select which parties should sign, signing order and pre-populate fields with system stored data. All parties to the contract receive automated e-mails and reminders requesting their
e-signature. Automated alerts notify you before contracts are due to expire, providing you ample time to prepare contract renewals.


To ensure each signature is legitimate, and would hold up in court, each party signs in with Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication
(akin to bank grade security).

All data is encrypted in use, in storage and in transit (using the same type of 256-bit encryption employed by the US Government).


All our systems respect the privacy of user data. We are fully compliant with GDPR and the CCPA. Users have real-time access to view, edit and delete their data. Logs and audit trails of deleted data would be anonymised. No user data is every shared without the user’s consent and no user data is ever sold. No Biometric Data is stored permanently.

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