Surveys & Feedback

Powerful user interaction

Improve User-Interaction

Deepen your understanding of client requirements, the customer journey and overall satisfaction with your products and services, through surveys. Digital Surveys are easier to administer and results can be graded automatically, providing real-time insights into client behaviour. Spotting hidden grievances more quickly may make the difference between keeping or losing a valuable client. Rather than validating your success consider surveys as an useful tool to identify pain points.

We offer Likert, Multi-Choice and Open-Ended style surveys. Create once and re-use as often as required.



Likert are well-suited for understanding opinions. By default we provide 20 templates to grade likelihood, importance, degree of satisfaction etc. They are simple to create and results are available in report format.

Graded Multi-Choice

Multi-Choice offer a set of clear answer options and are automatically graded, much like exams. They can be used to administer entrance exams, psychometric tests, or to automate scoring, use instead of Likert.


Open-Ended style questions ask users for more detailed responses. These responses have no fixed length and allow the user to share as much as they wish on any topic, without restrictions.

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