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1st Place: Patent-Pending Project Management

An unsponsored review awarded patent-pending AdaptivePPPM2.0 1st place/28 for comprehensive functionality.
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2023 Innovation Award

AdaptiveERP is proud to announce it was awarded the 2023 Innovation Award by Corporate Live Wire.

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Adaptive: Overview

Adaptive provides Digital Transformation through: AdaptiveERP, AdaptiveEComm, AdaptiveCMS, AdaptivePPPM2.0 and AdaptiveDMS.

All software is built internally and coded from scratch, with security, strict access controls and permissions built within each module. Think "home-cooked food" rather than ready-made meals. With all our systems buy only the modules you require and add additional ones at any future point.

Licensing: After minimum quotas downsize with only 30 days notice, to match your economic cycle.

AdaptiveERP: An all-in-one, cloud-based, customizable ERP (Business Process Automation) solution, with multiple fraud risk mitigation controls. Automate workflows and generate operational efficiencies, leading to significant time and cost savings. Create resilient Supply Chains, strengthen workforce collaboration and improve the digital customer experience.

Industry Coverage spans Construction, Engineering, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Distribution, E-Commerce & Retail, Healthcare, Education and Professional Services.

AdaptivePPPM2.0: A patent-pending portfolio, project and workflow management solution, with far superior coverage of dependencies and introduces Kanban-Controlled (Kanban-C).

AdaptiveDMS: Comprehensive Document Management Systems for Projects, Group, Depts., Shared Worklows and Intranets. It comes with full versioning, unlimited folders, file and folder sharing, filters and tags, rapid server-side search, audit trails, a back-up tool and archiving.

AdaptiveEComm: The first fully integrated E-Commerce & ERP system that does not rely on any plugins or 3rd party APIs.

AdaptiveCMS: The first customisable Content Management System based on "click and select", rather than drag'n'drop, which is much easier for users to handle.

Fully Integrated: All software modules are already fully integrated with "one single source of truth". We offer: Hosted, Plugins and APIs.

Key Features

    Our Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • Significant Time & Cost-Savings
  • We offer "home-cooked" rather than "ready-made" to focus on      quality, security and facilitate customisation
  • Enhanced Security: Each client has their own database and      unique encryption key. All client data is segregated. Our 2-FA      Login is akin to bank grade security. Book a call to discuss our      Unique Approach to security
  • No listings in the CVE Mitre (Global Vulnerability) Database
  • Implementation: Risk-Based Access Controls & Business Analysis      to ensure software flows match your business flows, with training      and a test environment before go-live
  • Multiple Internal & External Fraud Risk Controls
  • Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication login, using a PIN which is
         never transmitted or stored and would fail after a few incorrect      attempts. The PIN is entered onto a special keypad so keyloggers      (malware) could not detect the PIN. Users enter their PIN then      click on a matching image - this protects against BOTs, making it      close to hack-proof
  • Our APIs and Plugins each rely on A-Auth (Adaptive      Authorization) and numerous additional measures to block      malicious intruders

  • Project Management: Teams & 3rd Parties
  • Suitable for Waterfall and Agile Methodologies
  • Unlimited Portfolios, Programs and Projects. Assign Team     Members, Roles, Rates, Material Costs, Equipment and     Leaves/Vacations
  • Planning, Budgeting, Prioritisation, Resource and Capacity      Utilisation
  • Analytics and Visualisations with a modern, user-friendly UI
  • Risk Registers & Multi-Year Operating Budgets
  • Share Encrypted Files and Folders with Teams and 3rd Parties
  • Create Gantt Charts with Milestones and 7 Types of      Dependencies between Projects and Portfolios
  • Monitor Budget Over-Runs and Slippage
  • Parent & Child ListViews. Set working days per project: Mon-Fri,      Mon-Sat or Mon-Sun. Move projects or portfolios X days
  • Kanban Boards/Scrum for team interaction
  • Calendar/Scheduling: Book Meetings and Export to Outlook or      Google Calendar
  • Provide Feedback and Manage Team Progression
  • Efficient Requests For Information (RFIs) with 3rd Parties
  • Brainstorming: Internal Social Media

  • Board Meetings / Agendas
  • Create Committees & Add Committee Members
  • Create Agenda Topics, Sub-Topics, Request Authorization, Mark      Topics as Confidential
  • Schedule Meeting Prep Board Packs
  • Prepare and Circulate Meeting Packs
  • Create Motions, Record Attendance, Voting, Voting Results,      Board Actions & Monitor Ongoing Status
  • Create and View Board Minutes
  • For regular corporate meetings a simplified version is available

  • CRM, CMS, Messaging, Onboarding & Surveys
  • CRM: with business intelligence dashboard and analytics
  • Lead Management
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Real-Time Encrypted Messaging: Inbox, Sent Items and      Message Threads with Teams, Clients, Suppliers & Adaptive       (Tech/Customer Support)
  • Biometric ID Verification
  • E-Signing, Contracts & Document Storage
  • Surveys: Likert, Multi-Choice and Open-Ended

  • Learning Management System (LMS), Admissions, CMS & ERP
  • Comprehensive LMS with low latency (Courses, Attendance,      Grading, Reporting)
  • Student & Guardian Information System
  • Admissions, Enrolment, Employers & Alumni
  • Content Management System (CMS), Intranet & Website
  • ERP: Accounting, Invoicing, Online Payments, Messaging,      Inventory, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Maintenance

  • Enterprise-Grade Document Management System (DMS)
  • Do your staff complain about sluggish back-ends and difficulties      in setting up and managing firm-wide DMS? Ask for a demo. Our      DMS is fast and simple to use
  • Create unlimited folders and sub-folders for Groups,      Departments and Teams
  • Upload all file types, with tags and store in relevant group,      department or team folders
  • Find one of thousands of files in seconds with rapid server-side      search. This means our servers do the heavy-lifting: Not your      computer's resources. Search by folder or tag
  • File versioning
  • Audit Trails
  • Backup Tool: Files remain encrypted until the end-point
  • Archiving
  • Assign files or folders to teams, groups, departments or 3rd party      clients, suppliers or sub-contractors
  • Shared Workflows are optional. Each file change displays new      version and author

  • Supply Chain, Inventory, Production & Quality Control
  • Bill of Materials & Material Resource Planning
  • Purchase Orders, Change Requests and Order Progression
  • Warehouse Management: Central & Branch
  • Inventory Management and Low Stock Alerts
  • Production and Quality Control
  • Rebrand, Package and Distribute
  • Structured Management of SKUs, GTINs and UPCs
  • Pre-Approve All Pricing & Automate Invoicing

  • Invoicing, Payments, Reporting, Accounting & Arrears
  • Accounting (Journal, GL, AP, AR, Assign Expenses, Trial Balance,      Ageing Reports), Customised Chart of Accounts per Industry,      Forecasting: Multi-Year Operating Budgets
  • Secure Automated Invoicing & Fraud Controls
  • Online Payments
  • Automate Fees and Invoicing
  • Payment Reports
  • Transactions & Commissions Management
  • Arrears Management

  • Client Quotes, Orders & Client Inventory Management
  • Job Costing & Quotes
  • B2B & B2C Orders
  • Monitor and Manage Order Progression and Change Requests
  • E-Commerce, Automated Invoicing, Inventory Management, Stock      Updates & Reporting
  • Bookings & Payments: New or Repeat Customers

  • Govt. Agencies & R&D Platform
  • Private File Sharing with teams and 3rd Parties
  • Public File Sharing for Members
  • Private Social Media & Discussion Forum
  • Content Management System (CMS), Intranet & Website
  • ERP: Accounting, Invoicing, Online Payments, Messaging,      Inventory, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Maintenance

  • Dashboard, Reports & Analytics
  • Customisable Dashboards for teams, Management, Clients and       Suppliers
  • Real-Time Reports & Data Analytics

  • Customised Compliance & Warranty Management
  • Compliance to fit your industry sector
  • Warranty Management
  • Customized GRC


Collaboration in Construction

As Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

Cognitive Biases in Project Management

Cognitive Biases can impact and influence Projects. Being aware of them can improve the quality of decision-making and further project outcomes.

Digital Transformation

Businesses are placing Digital Transformation at the forefront to benefit from operational efficiencies, create resilient supply chains and improve digital customer experiences.

Knowledge Management

According to the BSI, ineffective information use and lack of knowledge transfer, cost the UK Construction Industry at least £20bn annually.

Knowledge Sharing: Benefits & Challenges

Knowledge is a valuable asset, that can be captured and shared with Knowledge Bases, yet studies show lack of incentives is a major barrier to success.


Our 7-Step Approach to implementation provides a solid methodology to provide the correct users with the appropriate functionality.

Step1: We start with one or more in-depth conversations about your business to understand your needs, existing set-up and will map out a plan to take you from the Current State ("As-Is") to the Required Future State ("To-Be").

Step 2: We discover how you perform different tasks. The rationale is to ensure the software matches current business processes. If the only difference is "preference" the software will be adjusted. If a different flow improves outcomes we will explain and you will have the option to accept a new approach, otherwise the software will be adjusted. This step helps improve use acceptance. We also act as Change Management Consultants to help smooth over transformations internally.

Step 3: Risk-Based Access Controls (RBAC) are built into each module, which is superior to a wrap-around. They ensure users only access modules or activities where permissions are granted. This is a key security measure. These are discussed and implemented for you during set-up.

Step 4: Data Migration concerns automated transfer of data to ensure existing data can be imported into the new system seamlessly and will be completed prior to go-live.

Step 5: We provide a Test Environment where you can test out the system. If necessary we can fine-tune further. The client signs off when satisfied.

Step 6: During this same period we also provide live training webinars for teams and "Train the Trainer".

Step 7: Once you sign-off we move you to a "live" environment. Throughout your contract you will receive on-going Customer and Tech Support, with the option for Standard and Premium SLAs.


Why Partner with Adaptive?

Our breadth, depth and customisation allow you to drive productivity, strengthen client relationships and streamline growth.

Adaptive was built specifically for the cloud with a security-first approach. We offer "home cooked food" as opposed "ready-made". This strengthens security, control and allows for a higher quality product.

Our solutions automate business processes, improve decision-making, collaboration and operational efficiencies, while reducing upfront and ongoing IT costs and maintenance.

Adaptive ERP, is suitable for SMEs (SMBs), as well as larger institutions. We offer Adaptive-Hosted, Plugins and APIs. Clients can opt for an entire ERP or a few modules, with additional ones added on at any future point. Adaptive operates a SaaS business model and shares business risks with our clients. Our system scales easily as you grow, while contracts will allow you to reduce numbers of users (subject to just 30 days notice), to ensure you manage fixed costs during economic downturns.


Global Corporate Fraud 2020


Companies Experienced In Fraud The Last 24 Months

$ 42 Billion

In Fraud Losses

726 Billion

In Digital Payment Transactions

Protecting Against External Fraud

Key Risks
E-Mail is insecure. Messages and attachments are unencrypted and may be intercepted. Should a hacker intercept an invoice, your clients may be subject to Phishing attacks and end up wiring funds to the hacker! Use a 3rd party E-Signing provider that emails links and a hacker may gain access to confidential data.

Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication
After validating e-mail ownership, the user selects a PIN. This PIN is neither transmitted nor stored. It lives within the app. If a device is lost or stolen the PIN would fail after a few incorrect attempts. The PIN is entered onto a key-pad so that even a keylogger could not detect the keys.

Our Invoicing
Invoices are only accessible through our secure portal, after logging in with our 2-Factor Authentication App.

Our Accounting Software
It is only available to authorised users and only those with permission can wire out funds. All data is encrypted: debits, credits, reference numbers, descriptions etc.

Our Databases
Each client has their own database. The key benefits are: A different encryption key per client and ease of customisation.

Our Messaging
We provide each user with encrypted, real-time messaging to communicate with teams, Clients, Suppliers and Adaptive Customer and Tech Support.

Our E-Signing
No links are e-mailed. Recipients are notified to login and all documents are only accessible from within the portal.

Protecting Against Internal / Supplier Fraud

Learn about additional in-built fraud risk mitigation controls.
Request a demo or consultation