Comprehensive Online Bookings

HVAC, Plumbers, Builders, Painters,
Movers, Retail, B2C & B2B

Comprehensive Online Bookings
  • Overview: Handle the full lifecycle, starting from the offering, inquiries and messaging, through to scheduling, bookings, automated online payments, invoicing, feedback and analytics

  • Offering: This module is suitable across industry sectors. List out your services and pricing, allowing users to select and book, or make inquiries

  • Improved Efficiency: Allocate staff to districts; block off availability and schedule easily. Manage booking lifecycles

Set-Up Staff
  • Create Areas/Districts: Create a list of areas you service. This enables you to allocate staff to particular areas and book jobs based on area coverage

  • Assign Staff: Assign staff to one or more areas, for more efficient job allocation. Edit areas and staff allocations as needed

Services & Pricing
  • Set-Up Offering & Pricing: Create an unlimited number of services and associated pricing

  • Pricing: The system caters for call-out charges, fixed and hourly rates

  • Clients/Prospects: Prospects can view the full list and make inquiries, or book

  • Edit: Edit the list as often as needed

New Inquiries
  • Client Inquiries: Clients select a service, preferred schedule and include details of anything relevant. At this stage, only area, email and phone are required, not address - to maximise privacy. Address is entered at the booking stage. Respecting their privacy and taking the minimum data required, not only upholds GDPR, it fosters trust

  • Handling Inquiries: Only staff assigned to handling incoming inquiries, view the full dashboard. The team can view full details of the request, respond to clients and accept or reject orders. Payments and Invoicing are automated. Based on your process, payments can be made in full in advance; a deposit in advance or after job completion

Client Messaging
  • Real-Time Messaging: The system allows for unlimited messaging with clients, throughout the inquiry and booking lifecycle. Easily see the full message history and use filters to find messages more quickly

  • Secure: All data in the system is encrypted and is far more secure than regular email

Staff Availability
  • Availability: Each team member, as well as the admin team, can update staff availability

  • Update: Job times can only be estimated in advance. Once a job is complete, the team member updates their availability

  • Scheduling: At a glance, see which team member is available to book in new jobs

Reviews & Ratings
  • Automated Feedback Requests: Once a job is complete, clients are invited to leave feedback and a rating

  • Public Reviews: Optionally, these can be posted on your website automatically, or using our CMS select which messages to post publicly. Only clients may edit reviews

  • Comparative Analysis & Success Rates: At the inquiry stage clients select where they heard about you e.g. website, social media, search engine etc. This can help fine-tune marketing campaigns. The system ranks your most successful campaigns, based on level of inquiries and also monitors the percentage of leads that turn into bookings. This becomes your success or conversion rate. Analytics can be customised further


Comprehensive Online Bookings

Improve communication with clients, automate the booking lifecycle and
free up your time to focus on client acquisition and business growth