Secure Invoice Payment

Mitigate Phishing and Push App Fraud

Phishing & Push App Fraud

Phishing & Push App Fraud are growing issues. If hackers gain access to vendor data and client lists, they can e-mail clients fake invoices, supposedly from your company. By the time the unsuspecting client realises, the wrong account may well have been paid and funds would have disappeared.

Turning the tables, when you receive invoices by e-mail or through your phone, unsuspecting employees may approve and wire out funds to the hackers inadvertently, leaving you out of pocket.

The best protection is to prohibit all payments via e-mail and instead move all billing to a secure portal capable of processing invoices.

Our Solution: Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication

  • The PIN is never transmitted or stored
  • The PIN is entered onto a special keypad so even a keylogger could not detect it
  • Should a device be lost or stolen, the login would fail after a few incorrect attempts

Our login is almost hack-proof, which means all invoices inside the portal are real invoices from genuine vendors. Furthermore, based on known fees and pricing, our systems automatically create all supplier and client invoices, leaving nothing to chance and as a further level of control, only authorised senior finance staff, can approve outgoing payments.

Automated Fees and Commissions
All Pricing, Fees and Commissions are automatically calculated to ensure accurate and timely invoices are displayed in each user's dashboard (vendor/client/finance).

Automated Invoices
All standard invoicing is fully automated. This includes Client Orders and Purchase Orders. Not only does this save a significant amount of admin time, it reduces fraud risk and human errors. In the case of maintenance jobs, as all work orders, hourly/fixed rates and parts are pre-approved, the system generates invoices based on pre-approved rates to ensure accurate payments.

Permissions and Controls
Only those with permission may authorise and make payments to mitigate wire fraud risks.

Optional: Integrate with Accounting
Adaptive also has the ability to automate ledger entries for invoices and payments. Request a no-obligation Consult to discuss your Use Case.

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