CRM & Business Intelligence

Client and Supplier Relationship Management

Key Pain Points

Do you have a 360 view of customer data across all your organisation or are teams siloed? Do sales know when an order is ready to ship or delayed? Are they aware of issues raised with customer or technical support?

The key to a successful company is repeat business, gained through delivering excellent products or services, with high levels of customer satisfaction, coupled with superior and timely support.

Adaptive was built specifically for the cloud with a security-first approach. Our solutions automate business processes, improve decision-making, collaboration and operational efficiencies, while reducing upfront and ongoing IT costs and maintenance.

CRM & BI Outcomes

Drive digital engagement, gain insights into client behaviour,
improve sales efficiency and client retention

Key Benefits

Benefit Rationale
Customised Dashboards: Track KPIs and data that you choose
Maximise the value of Customer Data: Adaptive offers a powerful, cloud-based platform to capture data from opportunities and interactions through to transactions. Track metrics and gain insights to optimise sales and marketing performance and improve efficiency with automated workflows
Changing buyer behaviour: Customers now expect faster turnarounds from sales, distribution and customer service, which require not only automation, but also deeper insights into customers and prospects to build loyalty and branding
Rich customer profiles: Capture information over the full lifecycle of interaction
Sales Reports: Advanced reporting shows the sales pipeline and KPI metrics to improve team coaching and sales forecasts, and provides reminders of upcoming contract expiries, allowing sales or support staff to follow up
Business Intelligence (BI): A 360 view of customer interactions and transactions. Track KPIs with Data Visualisation and customised BI Dashboards
Back office integration: Seamless integration with Adaptive ERP lets Sales and Marketing staff view quotes, change requests, order delays, inventory levels, messaging, outstanding invoices and so forth to improve the customer experience and avoid pitfalls such as over promising or under delivering
Supplier Relationship Management: Full communication and collaboration with Suppliers through Messaging and the Supply Chain cycle, enabling the Procurement team to interact easily and be informed of bottlenecks far sooner
Strengthen Customer & Technical Support and Reduce Costs: Ticketing lets customers log issues 24/7 and view updates through their own secure portal. Powerful search can find related tickets and summaries to ensure continuity and excellent service
Improve Account Management: Allow view-only access to inventory levels, orders and outstanding invoicing. You decide which users/teams gain access
A powerful and scalable system: Comprehensive functionality that powers your growth coupled with a license that manages your risks: Adaptive allows you to scale back number of users during economic downturns, with 30 days notice
Suitability: SMEs (SMBs) as well as large enterprises industry-wide

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Performance Metrics & Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Performance Metrics, BI & Visualisations: Built-in BI lets you monitor performance across multiple metrics, such as: leads, sales, returns, chargebacks, margins, stock levels and reviews. Customise your own metrics - select which ones you wish to monitor and for which products/product groups

Sales Targets & OKRs
  • Regions: Set country, regional or city targets for sales and monitor on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

  • RAG: The well-known Red-Amber-Green (RAG) colour-coding provides for faster monitoring

  • OKRs: Sales Targets can link to our OKR (Objectives and Key Results) module, where targets trickle down across teams and aggregate for at the team/dept/group level

  • OKR Details: Further details on can be found here

Performance Across Regions
  • Regional Performance: Compare how products perform across countries, regions or cities

  • Side-by-Side Comparisons: If a product underperforms in a particular region, this can can prompt additional research. Are there local/cultural factors/language barriers at play? Is the product name offensive in a particular language? This kind of chart helps hone in on specific issues and acts just as much as a risk management tool, as it does as a sales management tool

Sales Across Stores
  • Store Comparison: Compare overall performance across stores

  • Period: Views can be set for weekly, monthly or quarterly. Reports are also available with filters to track historical performance across stores

  • Historical Data: Reports are also available with filters to track historical performance across stores

CMS: Post Content
  • CMS: Our CMS allows non-tech users to select page, enter title and text, upload images and post. Content appears instantly. You can view and edit just as easily

  • CMS Set-Up: Settings allow you to create and edit menus, pages and layout, such as number of cards (items) per row, card style, card dimensions and default colours

CRM: Pre-Sales
  • Overview: Manage the 7 stages of the sales cycle. View stage, timeline, potential deal size, firm size, likelihood of closing and key contacts. Aside from job title, each contact is classified as decision-maker, champion or influencer. Add new notes or follow-up dates and view full message threads


Kanban-C: CRM (Existing Clients)
  • Overview: Kanban Controlled (Kanban-C) is a patent-pending methodology for workflow management with controls. It is simple to use and non-tech users can be proficient within an hour

  • Flexible Across Teams: Kanban-C is flexible across teams. Sales can upsell to existing clients, while marketing can plan social media campaigns, marketing material or client events. Improve client relations efficiency: Plan and track tasks. Support have read access to past client orders and payments, to reduce the number of tickets required