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Development Life-Cycle

Design, Planning Permissions, Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Project Management, Construction, Property and Estate Management, Maintenance, Accounting and Investment Management can all be managed within one system.

Supply Chain Management
Adaptive provides Digital Tranformation to improve efficiencies throughout the procurement, inventory and sales lifecycle.

Material Resource Planning is handled efficiently. Simply enter your Bill of Materials, and the system calculates any shortfalls based on existing stock levels. Receive instant quotes from approved Suppliers - place purchase orders and track order progress (received, started, on-time or delayed). Requesting changes to an existing order takes 2-3 clicks and appears instantly in the Supplier Dashboard.

Project Management
Recordkeeping, project files (with versioning and 3rd party file sharing), drawings/BIM and licensing, dependencies, timelines, budget and cost, are handled through Gantt Charts with costing incorporated. Each item is adjusted for material costs, labour, vacations/leaves. Task reviews monitor progress, leave feedback or request revisions and generate real-time reports for all team members.

Document Management
Internal and third party file sharing lets you store as many file versions as required, then assign only the chosen version to Clients, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, or Sub-Contractors. Third parties can also share files. Assign files or folders.

Create unlimited folders and filter files by Project Name, Directory or Tag to make finding data fast and simple. All files are encrypted and appear instantly in each recipient's dashboard. Add Clients, Sub-Contractors and Stakeholders to Projects. Assign selected files or folders. Errors can be undone quickly by removing file assign. It includes full versioning, audit trail, backup and archives.

By comparison, e-mail is plain text and cannot handle large file sizes. If the wrong version or file is e-mailed, there is no way to undo this action.

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Time & Billing
System-time per job/task can be recorded (e.g. sub-contractors on-site) with user and management reporting.

Every aspect of the Construction process can be planned, monitored and managed with the internal team, sub-contractors and Stakeholders all connected to one system, providing real-time data.

Property Management
The system also handles Commercial (Offices, Healthcare, Retail), Industrial and Residential Property Management.

Estate Management (CMMS)
Estate Management (CMMS) provides a full register of all assets held, their current location, which user has checked out equipment; it handles preventative and emergency maintenance and optionally can link to external maintenance teams for automated bookings. Manage vacancies, tenant leads, rentals, e-signing, rent collection, arrears and view historical payment reports.

Property Maintenance
Maintenance: The full life cycle is automated from request, to approal, booking an internal/external team, time and billing, invoicing and feedback.

Investment Management
Manage your entire portfolio whether REITs, Commercial, Industrial, Retail or Residential. View asset allocation and risk-return figures, with monthly and quarterly reporting suitable for institutional investors.

Excel, has multiple limitations for Project Management. It provides neither alerts, nor automated team and third party updates and is subject to "fat-finger" errors.

Secure File Sharing with Versioning

Share files securely with the team/third parties. Upload files then assign the chosen version to Engineers, Architects, Sub-Contractors or Investors. Third parties can also share files.

Create unlimited folders and filter files by Project Name and Directory to make finding data fast and simple. All files are encrypted and appear instantly in each recipients dashboard. Add Clients, Sub-Contractors and Stakeholders to Projects. Assign selected files. Errors can quickly be undone by removing file assign.

By comparison, e-mail provides neither encrypted connections with external parties, nor handles large file sizes. If the wrong version or file is sent to a third party, there is no way to undo this action.

Requests For Information (RFIs)

Simplify information flows. RFIs allow for Clarifications, Change Requests, Issues and Substitutions to be discussed methodically, grouped by topic and signed off.

Suppose Topic1, Topic2 and Topic3 are started by your team or a 3rd party. Regardless of when responses are received, each is grouped into the correct topic, with the full thread displaying real-time for both recipient and sender.

E-mail chains, by comparison, are inefficient as there is no grouping by topic, no method of marking status as review, discussion or sign-off and no way to update all internal and external project members.

Project Ideas: Brainstorming

Project Management is necessarily well-structured. The downside is it leaves little room for innovation. To encourage brainstorming and free-flowing discussions between any team members or third-parties, we created "Project Ideas". Anyone can start a topic, add Hashtags and select whether to add to the Knowledge Bank.

Users have the option to display their name or post anonymously - the latter would allow disgruntled workers to complain without fear of recrimination. To prevent abuse, we do store "user id" so in extreme cases the user could be traced.

Users can post profiles, like and upvote topics to encourage participation. Hashtags facilitate search and ideas can help grow the knowledge bank.

CRM & Surveys

Access all client contact details. It allows new clients to sign up or your team can add data. You can also request API access to connect to multiple external data sources. Entering and updating data is simple and intuitive. View data quickly by filtering on multiple categories. The CRM handles the 7 stages of the sales lifecycle. Full note histories are easily accessible.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Our BI dashboard provides summary data and analytics. These can be customised to match your existing targets.

For existing clients, monitor satisfaction with 3 kinds of Surveys: Likert, Open-Ended and Multi-Choice.

Secure E-Signing

Handle contracts with suppliers and clients with our in-built E-Signing. Contracts may be signed by multiple parties. Enter signature and initial markers, select the order for signers and with system-generated e-mails and reminders, the rest of the process is automated.

Whereas other providers e-mail out links, which are at risk of being intercepted by hackers, our solution only permits logged in users to view and access their contract. Everything is handled inside the system for maximum security.

Accounting & Online Payments

Accounting & Forecasting
Adaptive handles your daily accounting including General Ledgers, with customised Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Trial Balance and Ageing Reports. Forecast business flows with multi-year operating budgets and real-time reporting.

On-Line Payments and Historical Payment Reports
Use our APIs or ask us to connect to your existing payment providers, to enable automated on-line payments. Both Payer and Recipient access real-time Historical Payment Reports from their Dashboards.

Monitor Payments & Arrears
Gain real-time access to client payment and arrears data, as well as outgoing payments due to Suppliers. Filter by city, client or supplier. At a glance view whether payments were made in full and on time, and view arrears balances.

Alerts flag up issues and new alerts are highlighted in the dashboard. The types of alerts covered can be customised.

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