Adaptive PPPM2.0

A Patent-Pending Leap Forward
Driving Success to the Next Level

Resource & Capacity Planning

Effective Planning
& Resource Allocation

This is the cornerstone of successful project and portfolio management. It impacts staffing needs, scheduling and the availability of the right resources, from staff to contractors, materials, and equipment.

Account for Diverse Skills & Functional Expertise

Our comprehensive solution takes into account SME functional/sector knowledge and experience, as well as role/job title, and displays the level and experience across each skill

Optimise Resource Utilisation

Streamline recruitment and capacity utilisation, with an all-in one advanced planning and resource allocation solution. This product links organisation-wide, allowing all Managers to place requests for skills and SME hiring requirements

Strategic Talent Forecasting

Strategic talent forecasting combines the assessment of future workload demands against existing skills and capacity, followed by proactive plans. PPPM2.0 assists in securing the required expertise, including the addition of new team members.

Functional/Sector Knowledge

Most software focuses only on Skills and Job Titles. This leaves a glaring gap, as it ignores sector/functional experience, such as Accounting, Risk, Payments or knowledge of specific regulation. AdaptivePPPM2.0 fills this gap by incorporating level and experience of functional/sector knowledge, as well as skills and job titles. Now you can compare available capacity vs. upcoming demand for skills and functional/sector knowledge.

Skills Approval, Selection & Assessment

Staff and Contractors enter their level and experience across all skills and functional/sector experience. They also upload or update CVs/Resumes and Certificates. HR should validate and approve each new skill, function or updated document. This ensures the Project Team access an accurate and current set of skills and experience.

The PMO/Project Manager have access to an accurate and current set of rates, level and experience for skills and functions/sectors, for internal staff and contractors, which lets you search and filter quickly and easily to short-list the best resources subject to availability (capacity).

Capacity utilisation is also visible. After short-listing the final stage is Assessment: When status is set to hired, futures dates are blocked off. This entire flow enables teams to be assembled with ease.

Skills Approval

Skills Select

Skills Assessment

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