Adaptive PPPM2.0

A Patent-Pending Leap Forward
Driving Success to the Next Level

Benefits of PPPM2.0 for Portfolio Management & PMOs

Benefit Rationale
1. More Effective
"Scaled Agile" with Balanced Supervision:
The PMO acts like an "invisible hand": Allow teams to work in a fully agile environment, in self-organised teams, whilst the PMO/Management has all the information it needs for proactive monitoring and management, without interrupting team workflows
2. Visualisations: Roadmaps and Swimlanes are useful for Strategy meetings. Project data is aggregated bottom-up and transformed into visual insights through dynamic charts and dashboards. This highlights issues more quickly and enables faster decision-making to align with strategic objectives
3. More Efficient Project Approvals: A brief project plan is submitted outlining rationale. If the concept is not approved, there is no need to develop full business cases, or scope out details and costing. When concepts are approved, scope, cost and timelines are submitted for approval. Audit trails log all activity
4. What-If/Scenario Analysis: To prioritise projects and as part of risk-management, scenario analysis is a useful technique for estimating best and worst case scenarios. We provide scenario analysis covering financing, revenues, margins, labour and material costs
5. Prioritisation to Match Strategic Goals: Match initiatives with strategic goals and high-impact projects
6. Planning for Resource Allocation: Forecast demand and view existing capacity of roles, skills, plus SME knowledge and experience amongst internal staff and contractors. Advanced notice provides time to source staff for upcoming projects and handle staff turnover more effectively
7. Working Days: Each project has its own settings for Working Days. Regular office-based projects can be set as Monday-Friday, while Retail, Construction and Healthcare might be set as Monday-Saturday or Monday-Sunday. Projects with different working days can group into programs and portfolios. All dependencies are adjusted according to Working Days, making this a powerful enhancement
8. "Move Feature": When Portfolio, Program or Project priorities change, it takes seconds to move an entire project by a fixed number of days. This automatically updates all tasks and dependencies. Entire programs or portfolios can also be moved in seconds
9. Data Aggregation, Dashboards & Reporting: At a glance view summary and detailed data in reports and visualisations. Slice and dice data, filter and search data or files by tags, to hone in on any specific area at the portfolio, program or project level
10. Risk Control: Gain far greater visibility into risks and dependencies through Portfolio, Program and Project level Risk Registers, Risk Dependencies, Risk Heat Maps, Risk Dependency Charts and our unique (patent-pending) approach to dependency management that covers dependencies between any parent, child or grandchild task, from any portfolio, program or project
11. Project Collaboration: Real-Time reporting and visualisations reduce time spent in, or prepping meetings. All core activities include communication tools, whether notes or chat and all users have access to our internal Messaging system, which sends e-mails within the system to teams, clients and suppliers
12. Performance Assessment: Keep tabs on all portfolio, program and project performance indicators: Milestones, OKRs, KPIs, EVM, Critical EVM, Risk Registers and key results
13. Governance and Compliance : Satisfy internal governance obligations with documented processes and audit trails suitable for internal or regulatory reporting purposes

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