Adaptive PPPM2.0

A Patent-Pending Leap Forward
Driving Success to the Next Level


Teams Project/Product Managers/PMO Enterprise
Monthly Pricing: Min. 10 Seats
(Annual: Get 1 Month Free)
$25 Depends on number of modules
& minimum thresholds
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Portfolio Management
Resource & Capacity Planning
7 Dependencies between Parent, Child & Grandchild; Gantt Charts
Risk Management
Audit Trails
Organisational Charts/RACI
Modern UI, Intuitive and Simple to Use with Visualisations
Private Social Media
Project Files: Unlimited folders; Version Control; Share Files with Teams, Suppliers & Clients; Tags & Rapid Server-Side Search
Project Files: Audit Trails;
Archiving & Back-Up Tool
Parent & Child ListViews, Tracking, Time & Billing, Search & Tags, Private To-Do List
Dashboards & Reporting
Reminders, Messaging, Notifications, Alerts & Chat
Single Source of Truth
Security, Permissions
& Access Controls
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