Features Overview

Adaptive: Features Overview

Adaptive provides an all-in-one, cloud-based ERP Solution, customizable for each client use case and catering for both B2B and B2C.

Key Features
Fucionality includes: Industry-Specific Accounting (Journal, GL, AP, AR, Trial Balance, Ageing Reports), E-Commerce, Client Orders, Purchase Orders, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Invoicing, Online Payments, Portfolio, Project and Workflow Management, Arrears Management, Customised Compliance, CRM, Business Intelligence and Surveys, Real-Time Encrypted Messaging and E-Signing. All software is built internally.

The system also provides Dashboards for "Sellers", "Buyers" and "Suppliers" with real-time data and charts covering user-specific scenarios such as New Messages, Client Order/Purchase Order Progression, Inventory Alerts, Arrears and Flagged Commissions. CRM/Business Intelligence, as well as Finance also have separate dashboards.

Systems have multiple security layers and built-in controls for access management, permissions and fraud risk mitigation. For example, only someone authorized may wire out funds, add a new supplier or approve Supplier Fees. In addition to “Ease of Use” a core theme across all modules, is Fraud Risk Mitigation.

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